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As someone who has worked with small businesses for years I have learned some of the best and worst habits that small business owners make.  While all small businesses are unique from the products they sell to how they operate there is one thing that is important in all small businesses, tracking.  In any business you can never have too much data.  In today’s world gathering data can help you not only better understand your customers spending habits, how often they visit your website, or where they are from.   Gathering  this  data  can help in what items to carry, how to market to different groups and more.  We meet with Jason Saunders as he shares his insight into tracking data and how much value is in it.   

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:06 

Hi everybody I am with Jason Saunders  of KLER in the Phoenix area and Jason I want to be the first to to congratulate you you have been named a leading visible cannabis technology canatech influencer by 420MSP and Marijuana Venture Magazine so congratulations.

Jason Saunders  0:25 

Now thanks Harry I appreciate that.

Harry Brelsford  0:28 

Well let’s just play what’s your story maybe a little bit about your personal background and then I’m really curious about what this clear dude

Jason Saunders  0:36 

yeah, great. So a little bit I guess quickly about me I kind of started up as a software developer and quickly realized that I needed to know a lot more about business and if I wanted to get into business management software so went to ASU got my degrees in statistics and got my MBA so and then started really really going to town on on how do we create better business management software and slowly that kind of led me to KLER KLER is how supply chain software basically we’re managing businesses we’re looking at how do we control those processes you know, so a little bit of statistical process control kind of brought in you know, that’s what gets me excited and you know, we’re able to make them more efficient we’re able to you know, help them with compliance aspects of their business and really get you know, help them overall how do we manage to their business a little bit easier?

Harry Brelsford  1:36 

Well, there’s certainly a need for that you know, this I when I introduced myself off camera, to you know, I fancy myself a principal analyst in the cannabis technology segment or vertical and it always comes back around to best business practices right there’s a lot of people with domain expertise about the flower and the manufacturing and the dispensaries but I think you’re right on target. Does that make sense? This this is a young industry

Jason Saunders  2:05 

Yeah, absolutely. And people don’t realize how much being able to track that data and you know how much value there is in that data you know, you’re looking at farm yields, you’re looking at different you know, seed genetics, you know, you’re looking at you know, what’s going to give me the most amount of CBD or CBG and being able to look at that data and kind of back up and say okay, we could be doing things a little bit better is a huge value no matter what size business you are.

Harry Brelsford  2:35 

Absolutely. Final question. When I talk to an influencer we always kind of like to know what and big assumption events, but what events might we find you at moving forward?

Jason Saunders  2:49 

So we we haven’t been doing a whole lot of events you know, due to due to the COVID thing, you know, and we’re still as you can tell, kind of working remotely and believe it or not, as an IT guy, we kind of enjoy that. And so, you know, we do expect you know, next year to start being doing the expos, the different cannabis events. We’re focused mainly on on the hemp industry right now and we found a real great niche in the hemp industry, you know, and that’s where clear fits really well. And so not a lot of people that are competing with the this space with us right now. But to answer your question, you know, if they go to we’re always you know, putting different news and different things about where we’re at and where we’re going what we’re doing. So they can always see us there.

Harry Brelsford  3:37 

All right, well, continued success Jason and again, congratulations, you’re a leading visible canatech influencer well deserved.

Jason Saunders  3:46 

All right, Harry. Thanks again.