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When starting an online presence for your business one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is choosing an ecommerce platform.  As many of you know not all ecommerce platforms are alike.  Some focus on small businesses where as others are geared toward larger enterprises.  Some have lots of bells and whistles, while others offer a free platform to start off.  There are so many things to take into account.  We meet with Bryan Lopez who is working on releasing a new ecommerce platform that seamlessly integrates all the functions with a POS out to an e commerce platform, giving you the ability to customize your storefronts.  With the new platform they are excited to bring a customized experience with colors logo, and have the ability for dispensary’s to push out their promotions, their loyalty program and so much more.  Join Bryan and Harry and learn more about functionality, loyalty programs, discounts,  promotions and more. 

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:06 

Hey 420, MSP, Harry back with Bryan out on the east coast and you have updates, bro. Let’s talk bright map what’s what’s going on man, this is exciting.

Bryan Lopez  0:16 

Yeah, Harry, we’re really pumped about this, we are in the process of releasing to our current customer base in all of our new customers a new e commerce platform that seamlessly integrates all the functions with a POS out to an e commerce platform, giving our customers the ability to customize their own storefronts. One of the basic things about our new e commerce platform that we wanted to bring to the customer is that we want to offer a customized experience with colors logo, and have the ability for dispensary’s to push out their promotions, their loyalty program, everything that normally happens with a budtender. behind the counter, we’re taking all of that functionality and bringing it out into the general public. So if you’re a customer of a particular dispensary, you’re now going to have the ability to create your own loyalty profile, shop online, cash in your loyalty points for discounts, you’ll also be able to factor in discounts and promotions right in the register, which gives customers the ability to not only know exactly to the penny on what they’re going to be paying for. But in some states, we also are giving them the ability to see their allotment on the screen there as they’re adding products into the cart. So for those states that use metric that require that this is a huge, huge thing for folks to be able to have that allotment right on the screen. There, they’re not going to get as many phone calls from customers about what they can buy, they can buy, you know, they can look right on the screen and see exactly what they have currently available to them. So we’re really, really excited, we believe that this is going to be a very competitive platform out there compared to some of the other platforms that are that are on the market today. And we’re really just very excited about where we’re taking it because this really to us is the next major, major turn for the type of point of sale system that this industry so desperately needs. And yeah, I think that by the end of the year, we’ll have everybody rolled over to it, if not a lot sooner. So that’s what we’re in the process of doing and obviously onboarding a lot of new customers.

Harry Brelsford  2:40 

Yeah, yeah. Well, you’re you’re a couple of thoughts. One is, you talked about colors, and so on. So what I’m hearing is UX the user experience, do you want to double click on that sounds like you’re improving that. Let me let me give you an example. Several years ago, out in California, one of the early pioneers, super good dice Treez, and they had a UI experience that was far different than some of the other competitors. And Brian, I’m telling you, no. Tech moves very quick. I mean, this is four or five years ago, but it caught my attention, right that it was a pleasant UX experience. Sounds like you’re investing in that sounds like you’re taking it to the next level.

Bryan Lopez  3:21 

Yeah, we’ve I think we are and the thing that we’ve tried to do, even with our point of sale system, when we when we when we brought out our new greener point of sale system in in late 2019, which was, we looked at our competitors, we saw the UI UX piece, we really began to emphasize that a lot. So the marriage of UX and UI with sophisticated functionality that’s broad and seamless, not only to the point of sale system within the dispensary, but also on the e commerce side, where the customer, the pain customers that are out there have just as equal of a great user experience. So we’re giving the dispensaries the power of building something that as closely resembles their own website as possible. So we don’t look like a third party application, what we’re doing is we’re saying we’re gonna give you all the tools, here they are, you can put in your own colors and fonts and logos. And it looks just like it would for your own website. And I think that there’s something very powerful for branding, search engine optimization, these are things that were helping our customers drive traffic to their website, and not a third party website. And that’s one of the other great ancillary benefits of using our product. So it’s that Shopify like experience that we really are striving for. Yeah, and

Harry Brelsford  4:47 

I’ll end on this The other thing that stood out and it’s now becomes the word as platform right you know, our industry’s got the word of the day, right? And, but you’re you’re right in alignment. With how we’re thinking about technology, you are a platform company and that’s a very current paradigm. Right? Test it that way. So yep, by Congrats, Hey, I got a bolt, but I’m going to shake your hand at mjbizcon basically the third week of October in Las Vegas, so we’ll see you there.

Bryan Lopez  5:19 

Thanks, . Appreciate your time today. Have a good one. All right. See you in Vegas.

Harry Brelsford  5:23 

All right.