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Harry joins us live from MJBizcon where here gives an end of the show report, followed by some key takeaways and why you should start planning for next year. 

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford 

Hey 420MSP. I’m here with the end of show summary we’re talking in shape is on 2021 back after a year and hiatus due to the pandemic. Talk about what the five points  I got out of the show. So first of all, I got to see old friends in the industry. And to me that’s one of the highest value ads coming to an in person event is to be able to just reconnect with old friends have good conversation, shake hands, and, and so on. Second thing was new friends inevitably. Inevitably, the networking that you can add an in person show allows you to expand your professional circles, make new friends, always one of the highlights of any person show. Let’s talk about the show itself. I would say a very capable show, especially given it took a year off. Might have been down half a point I’m hearing on the morning news from another industry analysts according 26,000 attendees, so that would be a slight dip of from 35,000 attendees two years ago, but that’s to be expected and that’s accepted. But overall, a very capable show. What’s really interesting is they expanded to the North halls, I’m in the Central Hall, which is what I knew mjbizcon To be with the vendor booths, well over 1000 booths, but they’re spread out a little bit more because they opened up the door, close your call. And so you can have more room between the aisles and so on not a bad safety procedure. We’re here right down to it. I picked up 20 logos as y’all know I do the cannatech ecosystem logo chart. We publish it the marijuana venture magazine picked up 20 logos of Lb out of q1 22 and I have the logo chart. And then everybody was talking about cannabis 365 being acquired by an Akerna. And so that was pretty interesting. That was the top of the floor in the tech space was the acquisition of cannabis 365 by Akerna that’s my Show Report. Take it or leave it see you next year. mjbizcon is a must do