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Touchscreen Technologies have immersed themselves in all kinds of businesses from retail to medical as they have improved their technologies immensely over the past decade.  With a host of benefits for businesses from increased productivity, to seamless customer service, and more,  touch screens have made their way from consumers to  business.  We meet up with John Lamb from Elo who shares with us the complexity of what a cannabis retailer has to actually go through, and how using touch screen technology has helped improve processes and procedures. 

Video Transcriptions

Harry Brelsford  0:06 

Hey 420 MSP. We are back with yet another Canna tech influencer. And it’s John lamb over ELO  ello touch.

John Lamb  0:17 

It’s ELO. Yeah, correct. Love.

Harry Brelsford  0:19 

Well, congratulations. I mean, we worked pretty hard putting together the list of roughly the top 200 Camera tech influencers globally, you made the cut, you’ve certainly been in the space for a while. So let’s first tell me a little bit about your background, then I’m very interested in what your company does, and you have some unique insights into how you work with the community.

John Lamb  0:39 

Yeah, so you know, Elo, we actually turned 50 years old this year. So it’s been Yeah, it’s, it’s, we’re, we’ve been around the block when it comes to touchscreen. In fact, we actually invented the touchscreen 50 years ago. So we have this, you know, we work with companies across all sorts of sectors, whether it be airline retail restaurants, we were what really well known in certain things, you see a cell service unit, that’s probably us. And a lot of times tell some of our very iconic designs. You know, we work, I think, are very fortunate part about this, as we’ve gotten, we’re agnostic in both operating system as well as really software, because we build the hardware, we build a platform that helps people get places. And so when you think about that, when you look at it, the cannabis has really kind of taken off in the Android sector. And because these a lot of case, a lot of times, these are very, you know, smaller software companies, startups, if you will start up environments, even on the cannabis, maybe the retailer or the software. And we are also agnostic on the software. So we work with some really great entrenched players that have standardized on our hardware. A lot of people don’t realize the complexity of what a cannabis retail has to actually go through. Whether it’s you know, anything from it’s not just a point of sale, it’s compliance, its inventory tracking, its business intelligence. And that actually differs, if this happens to be one that crosses state lines, every state is gonna have different levels of compliance. You know, certainly you’re gonna have it at the state level, you might even have it to municipal level.

Harry Brelsford  2:14 

But across the state line with the product, my friend,

John Lamb  2:18 

my happiness, sell in multiple Yeah, no, no,

Harry Brelsford  2:21 

no, but I understand you don’t touch the flower, you’re, you’re providing it the end of the day, technology, infrastructure, and so on. But yeah, you, you talked about that ecosystem of we’re chatting off camera. And that’s unique. That’s interesting to me, because I come from a community background on my first career. So I’m a community guy. Right. So I think that way. Next question, what’s the future hold? We’re headed into 2022. What’s your crystal ball? Say?

John Lamb  2:49 

You know, right now we’re seeing such, you know, an expansion, if you will, in the software providers. So a lot of them are getting in, there’s entire distribution models, and I think what we’re gonna see, you know, we’re gonna see this continue in 2022, I think in 2023, you’re really going to start to see a little bit of consolidation, some of them buying other ones out, who becomes more successful. We see this all the time right now, in some of our other sectors, display signage or point of sale, no bubble of our biggest in, you know, biggest partners have actually done that. And I think you’re gonna see that it’ll be the logical flow that you’ll see here as well.

Harry Brelsford  3:25 

Yeah, absolutely. And I believe I’ve seen your company and I don’t recall the exact show, but I believe I believe I’ve seen you out at events. Is that part of your marketing machine that you attend events?

John Lamb  3:39 

Yeah, a little bit more before COVID. But yeah. In fact, actually, we had our first official so we do events in multiple ways we do the official company ones, like in our recent one was Bartek, which is a distributor event out in Florida. We’re preparing right now for the NRF show the big show for Atlanta. And in you’ll see cannabis that you’ll see restaurants, you’ll see retail, you’ll see everything there. It’s a very strong show, for anything, retail, anything, you know, transactional days are sitting, right, isn’t it in January. And then after that, we go into the record, I know, it’s fun, fun time to be there. And then after that, we go over to the restaurant show in Chicago. Now, those are the official shows, outside of that our software partners, we work with them and help them participate in their shows. And that’s what allows us to expand from the three four shows where normally that would be about eight to 10. But now it’s three to four. And we’ll expand into you know, anywhere from you know, 20 on the low end to 200 on the high end of just being at these little small shows here and there sometimes, because the regional sometimes because they’re very industry specific.

Harry Brelsford  4:44 

Yeah, I actually you know, I go to the granddaddy of them all the Rosebowl mjbizcon. And a lot of people do you know up in the call it 30,000 attendees, but I like small shows, where you can have great conversations and really network and make relationships so well I’ll tell you what we’re gonna keep tracking. Yeah. And again, congratulations, marijuana venture magazine for 20 MSP you serve are a highly visible global Canna tech influencer.

John Lamb  5:14 

Well thank you. On behalf of Elo Thank

Harry Brelsford  5:17 

Thank you