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Measure What Matters

Data is the core of many modern businesses. From making business decisions to promote growth and profitability to developing sales and customer service strategies data has become integrated into empowering businesses. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Eric Meth to discuss data, branding, customer experience and more.

The Cannabis Industry is Here to Stay

Despite the global pandemic, a lacking supply chain, and inflation on the rise, the cannabis industry is growing. Over the past year the cannabis industry has increased by 41% and is expected to reach almost $31 billion by the end of the year. This growth should not come as a surprise as many states in the US have some form of legal cannabis. With the demand for cannabis and the expectation of expansion into several markets, is this your opportunity to launch into the space?

Cannabis State of the Union

With the cannabis -legalization movements expanding into new states and some members of Congress advocating for reform and even federal legalization, many are wondering what will this year bring for the industry. So far in 2022 we have found that many businesses are in a period of question, trying to figure out what their next move is going to be, how they’re going to scale, how they’re going to operate in multiple states, and or multiple verticals. There is also a lot of challenges when it comes to technology platforms, and harnessing all that data that’s being produced, as well as maintaining the compliance.

MJbizcon Recap with Duane Roebuck

MJBizCon is the largest and most anticipated event in Cannabis. Despite the pandemic effecting the last 18 months of everyone’s lives, MJbiz was able to celebrate its 11th anniversary with an award-winning show held in Las Vegas. Although, the pandemic did put some stipulations on the conference, such as spacing, international travel, and more the conference team was able to expand the tradeshow floor and provide even more space for networking and partnership building.

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