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Building a Brand through Marketing

The cannabis industry continues to grow at an alarming rate. With new businesses, and products popping up daily it is more important then ever to focus on your brand. From consumer packaging, online marketing, consumer electronic marketing, trade marketing and more your brand messaging plays an integral part in building a brand consumers know. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Eric Meth of Surfside to discuss brand marketing.

Coffee with Kat: Influencer Marketing in Cannabis

Cannabis marketing can be difficult on some social media platforms with rules and restrictions banning cannabis companies from certain actions. Some of these actions consist of no direct advertising of cannabis, cautions of age restrictions and more. To get around some of these legalities and or rules some companies have used influencers and or celebrity to help with their marketing and promotion efforts. These influencers can not only make huge impacts on the cannabis companies social media platform, but also market to the influencers audience, and win win for the cannabis company. Learn more about influencer marketing with Kat HERE.

Cannabis 201 Marketing

Join us for the launch of the marketing materials to propel you into the cannabis technology sector. Based on your feedback in prior MSP Tech Talk lectures, we’ve developed ‘da kit to help you go to market building a wildly profitable new business practice. Applies to medically-legal states in addition to recreationally-legal (adds up to a majority of US states). Applies to Canada and other select global locations. And that’s all we’re willing to share here – you’ll just have to attend for the rest.

Weiss: Dig Me and My Organic MSP Lead Gen in the Cannabis Vertical

Josh Weiss (L.A. Creative Technologies) has found a way to attract organic client leads in the new California Gold Rush! Hang on to your hat. It’s organic search with an authentic message that is leading to inbound technology client leads. Weiss overshares his success in a kind way so that 420MSP members can replicate. It’s all about community baby!