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State of Economy with Respect to Cannabis

Going into the 3rd year of the pandemic, record inflation and an uncertain outcome of where we are going many wonder how the cannabis industry will be effected. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group meets up with Mitch Pfeifer of Respect My Region to discuss the State of the Economy with Respect to Cannabis. During this interview Harry and Mitch chat about how the cannabis industry is not immune from market forces, free market corrections, and other factors effecting the Cannabis industry.

Transportation Of Cannabis

The cannabis industry has been built on people pushing the envelope, and finding ways to make their business run despite the stringent rules and regulations. Alaska is no different than many other states, however it does have some natural restrictions. With Alaska being a huge state many places are reachable only by boat or plane. But federal regulations prohibit the transportation of a controlled substance by both air and water making it hard to get product to some parts of Alaska

MJbizcon Recap with Duane Roebuck

MJBizCon is the largest and most anticipated event in Cannabis. Despite the pandemic effecting the last 18 months of everyone’s lives, MJbiz was able to celebrate its 11th anniversary with an award-winning show held in Las Vegas. Although, the pandemic did put some stipulations on the conference, such as spacing, international travel, and more the conference team was able to expand the tradeshow floor and provide even more space for networking and partnership building.

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