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Targeting Customers through WiFi

Have you ever thought of using WiFi to engage customers and increase brand awareness? WiFi marketing has become a popular buzz word and is growing amongst small businesses as they connect the power of secure WiFi networks to engage with their customers. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with John Gunn to discuss the competitive advantages of harnessing the power of WiFi to reach your customers.

Innovation Center: Tracking labels that don’t require a battery

Imagine being able to track products without a battery. Wiliot has developed a way to track items without a battery by harvesting energy from Bluetooth in the air, and using it to charge tiny chips that are actually printed on a label. This tiny chip could be a game changer for the Cannabis industry. From being able to measure product temperature as it moves from location to location, to tracking inventory in the office the options are endless . Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with John Gunn of Adentro to chat about this revolutionary new way to track products without the need for a battery.

Benefits of IoT In Cannabis

The one thing you can count on in the Cannabis Industry is change, from regulations to banking and overall business practices the business of Cannabis is always changing. With all the changes cannabis businesses have a lot on their hands, in turn many companies across the industry are coming up with creative ways to use IoT in their operations. Smart technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning are helping growers, manufactures, and dispensaries streamline their businesses to help transform and grow the cannabis industry.

Connecting the world with technology

In the last decade the world of technology has changed dramatically, with more and more states legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana each year, the cannabis market is taking advantage of these cutting edge technology changes. The Cannabis industry is subject to a number of hurdles when it comes to business, from high taxes, to refusal from financial institutions, steep competition and more. With these hurdles many Cannabis companies have turned to IoT to help them streamline operations and help them focus on budgets and production. We meet up with John Gunn who chats with us about increasing revenue for cannabis businesses by understanding customer behavior via IOT and AI, and facilitating interactive experiences via AR and VR technology, as well as enabling business growth utilizing the latest generation in technologies to keep pace with the most current trends to survive the radical changes in business.

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