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Making Technology Easier for Growers

The agricultural industry has drastically changed over the last 50 years due to advances in technology. From machinery used to harvest crops to monitoring and predicting what plants are going to do and what they need are just a few of the advances that have been made. Although, there have been many technology advancements made in agriculture, many farmers in the cannabis industry still find themselves without a solution to specific needs.

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Marijuana Handlers Card

The Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office (or AMCO) requires every licensee, employee, or agent of a marijuana establishment who sells, cultivates, manufactures, tests, or transports marijuana or marijuana product, or who checks the identification of a consumer or visitor of a marijuana establishment, must obtain a Marijuana Handlers Card.

Get Involved: Elections

Figure 1: Governor Jay Inslee at an online cannabis industry fundraiser. Well I know one way to get your attention – use a keyword like elections! Seriously. With the upcoming November 3, 2020 elections, it is possible for you to support the cannabis candidates of...

How To Get Involved

Do you have a passion? Want to get your voice heard? According to Chuck Mains your biggest voice is your association. With the upcoming elections and many important issues, it is more important than ever to get your voice heard. Although, your voice and opinions are powerful, there is strength in numbers. Working in a association with others presents an opportunity for you to pool your resources and add your voice to a chorus who share your concerns. Watch as Chuck and Harry talk about getting involved in government affairs and forming a strong voice.