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Swing in the Cannabis Industry

It has been an interesting year for the cannabis industry. With many new states coming on board, the vast increase in cost of products, and a recession looming, we have heard that cannabis is an essential industry. Although the cannabis industry may be essential it is not recession or inflation proof, maybe resistant, but not proof. With many people trying to juggle groceries, gas, and other essential bills we have seen a shift in the products that are being sold. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group sits down with Steve Gutterman of Falcon Brands to chat about the swing in the industry and what he has seen.

Election predictions for the cannabis sector

Cannabis legalization goes up for a vote on November 8th for 5 states. Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, and North Dakota citizens will vote on the legalization and sale for adult use, while South Dakota asks whether possession of cannabis should be legal for adults but wouldn’t establish retail sales. If these measures pass it would mean nearly half of Americans would live in states with legalized cannabis for adult use. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group sits down with Paul Seaborn to chat about election predictions for the cannabis sector.

Future of Hemp in Europe

European hemp cultivation has substantially increased over the last several years and is anticipated to continue to grow with their opened minded government. With conferences expanding, the government looking into economic benefits with hemp and medical cannabis, and Joe Biden kicking out 6700 convictions, the European government is seeking more information on Hemp and medical cannabis. With stigmas being broken down, and an opened minded government MSPs are poised to assist in this rapidly growing market. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Groups sits down with Eric Boone of Meristematix to chat about the Future of Hemp in Europe.

New York Cannabis Regulations

New York passed recreational cannabis legalization in 2021 after years of debate. With medical cannabis being available since 2014, New Yorkers are still waiting for regulations and applications to open for cultivators, processors, and retailers. Although many are actively waiting for applications to open, it looks like they may have to wait a little longer, as During an event in Yonkers, one of New York’s top cannabis regulators said the state wouldn’t be accepting cannabis industry applications until next year, shifting the anticipated timeline from this fall. Watch as Harry Brelsford speaks with Paul Seaborn about what is going on in New York City and what they anticipate for the future.