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State of Economy with Respect to Cannabis

Going into the 3rd year of the pandemic, record inflation and an uncertain outcome of where we are going many wonder how the cannabis industry will be effected. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group meets up with Mitch Pfeifer of Respect My Region to discuss the State of the Economy with Respect to Cannabis. During this interview Harry and Mitch chat about how the cannabis industry is not immune from market forces, free market corrections, and other factors effecting the Cannabis industry.

Music, Cannabis, and Cannabis Business

Mitch Pfeifer was nominated as a Leading CannaTech influencer in Marijuana Venture Magazine. Harry catch’s up with Mitch as he chats about his journey in Cannabis from Music, to Clothing, and even Data Analytics. Watch as Mitch Pfeifer shares his Cannabis Business Journey, and what he has learned along the way.

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