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Coffee with Kat: Influencer Marketing in Cannabis

Cannabis marketing can be difficult on some social media platforms with rules and restrictions banning cannabis companies from certain actions. Some of these actions consist of no direct advertising of cannabis, cautions of age restrictions and more. To get around some of these legalities and or rules some companies have used influencers and or celebrity to help with their marketing and promotion efforts. These influencers can not only make huge impacts on the cannabis companies social media platform, but also market to the influencers audience, and win win for the cannabis company. Learn more about influencer marketing with Kat HERE.

Marijuana Educational Classes Become More Relevant

Universities play a pivotal role in developing and educating the future of cannabis.
Chuck Mains joins Harry Brelsford to discuss universities developing courses regarding marijuana and its policy. Chuck goes onto talk about the future of the industry and how many jobs tie into it including, law, medical, business and more.

Biz Dev in the Cannabis Vertical

A common trend in Jim Remke’s business development efforts at POSRG is this. Cannabis clients are investing forward into the latest generation of technology at the point-of-sale dispensary level. That includes kiosking and self-service options.

Roddy: Retail Solution Providers Target Cannabis

Jim Roddy from the RSPA checks in with us and expresses “lots of interest” in the cannabis sub-vertical (adult use, CBD). He recently produced a podcast that included one of our other analysts (Duane Roebuck from BlueStar). The podcast was a roundtable that present different angles including distribution, financial services and a reseller from New Hampshire.

Haskelson: Pandemic will Impact Regulatory Matters

We’re back with Mark Haskelson – our New York-based analyst – who is well know for compliancy. I lob a firestarter over the fence concerning upcoming statuary matters such as deadlines in the State of Illinois. Haskelson shares the trends he is tracking with state-level licensing (the regulatory cadence). He *was* hopeful that we’d see change in the financial structure of the cannabis industry in 2020 but with the pandemic front and center, such changes will likely be delayed.